Maintaining Your Products


Leather is a soft and delicate material and therefore if it isn't cared for using the proper products its life span can be reduced. Leather is kept soft by oils that are in the hide which over the years can become hard and escape the leather causing it to go stiff and eventually crack. This can occur due to the use of incorrect cleaning products and the heat of our climate we live in. By using the leather care kit by Furniture Clinic, you can prevent this from happening. The leather protection cream in the kit will coat the leather with a protective barrier that repels stains and helps to reduce fading. It also contains the necessary oils to moisturise the leather when need be and it helps prevent wear and tear on the surface by reducing friction.

The best way to maintain your leather is to make sure you look after it with care and also use the best products that are available to you. The Leather care kit that we use and sell is made by a company called Furniture Clinic. The kit contains a 250ml bottle of leather ultra clean, a 250ml leather and protection cream and a leather cleaning sponge and cloth. Below we have included some steps that can be used to clean your sofas to get them looking as good as they should.

First you want to shake the bottle of leather cleaner well and apply it onto the provided sponge. Agitate the sponge to create a foam and rub it into the leather in a circular motion to lift of all the dirt. (When cleaning natural leathers you may notice that the leather will slightly darken as you clean it. Don't worry the leather will dry back to normal in roughly 15 mins). After cleaning the leather, wipe it down with a clean cloth. You are then ready to apply the leather protection cream to condition and protect the leather. Apply a small amount of the cream onto the provided cloth and rub it into the leather in a circular motion. Leave the leather for 10-15 minutes for the protection cream to dry then buff it over with a clean cloth to restore the lustre. Your leather will then be fully fed, conditioned, protected and resistant to stains, sun damage and wear and tear.


We also sell a fabric care kit by Furniture Clinic which comes with a 250ml bottle of fabric cleaner and spotter, a 250ml bottle or fabric protector and a cleaning cloth. The kit can be used to clean, protect and remove stains from all fabric sofas. From the moment you receive your fabric sofa you should apply the fabric protector immediately, then once every 6 months after that for proper care and maintenance.

From the moment you start using your fabric sofa its crucial to apply the fabric protector as this helps to repel all oil and water based stains and makes your sofa easier to maintain and clean in the future as it retains dirt on the surface. To clean the sofa afterwards, you spray the fabric cleaner onto the surface and allow to dwell for 5 minutes. You then need to gently agitate the fabric using a soft bristled brush to lift the dirt and then rinse thoroughly with warm water using a clean cloth.

In order to remove a stain from your fabric sofa you spray the fabric cleaner onto the stain and allow to dwell for 5 minutes. Agitate the stain for 3 minutes using a soft bristled brush or cloth, applying light pressure. Rinse thoroughly with warm water using a clean cloth. Then re-apply the fabric protector.

We cannot be held responsible for any damages that may occur when cleaning your furniture.The steps above are just guidelines. These guidelines only apply to the care kits that we supply at our store, other products and kits may have different instructions to follow.