Corrected grain

The most basic type of leather available. Corrected grain has a coated finish that creates a very uniform feel with a strong protective coating. Corrected grain has a fairly soft finish but it is not a luxurious as higher grades and is the favoured type of leather in well known furniture stores. Corrected grain is a good choice for those who want a good hard wearing leather that can be wiped clean at a very keen price.

Fine grain/semi-aniline

A very smooth buffed hide ideal for those who want a soft warm inviting feel. Ideal on modern suites and soft sit designs. Fine grain leather is well protected and good for everyday use whilst being much softer and more luxurious than standard coated leather.

Natural waxed hide

Pull up hide is totally authentic with variations, natural features (such as original scarring) all part of the appeal. Pull up hide will lighten on areas that are scratched (this is the wax or oil separating) but will re-colour when rubbed or specialist cream applied. Generally has a light protective coating. A great leather for those who are looking for a totally natural exceptionally soft look and feel.

Full aniline leather

The most luxurious leather on the market anywhere today. Full aniline is 100% natural hide without any coating and has a gorgeous look and beautiful feel to it. It is a perfect leather for those who want the ultimate in looks and comfort. Full anline leather has only a very light protective coating but is fully dyed so does not scratch like waxed hide. We recommend you apply protection cream to this leather at least four times a year.

All of our sofas are made from 100% authentic Italian high grade leather to provide the best possible comfort for our customers